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David Levey

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Share your ideas

Since the dawn of time mankind has sought to preserve its knowledge for the benefit of those they love. Dating back millions of years cavemen used charcoal to draw pictures on what have now become protected geographical wonders around the world. 

Since the birth of the hospice movement all have recommended to those they serve the importance of writing their memoirs, journals and imparting their teachings too be delivered to children, loved ones and friends at future dates post life. The importance and value of the life review process. 

Sadly, individuals at that stage have been left to their own devices as no organisation had a place, location or facility to offer which allowed them to fulfil these practises. 

Well now you do. You can take any patient by the hand and lead them to your own internet site - here they can impart their life lessons to whom they choose for upto fifty years post passing. Create their life's memoirs and much more.

In this forum area we can all share, learn and stimulate topics and ideas on how to help others at this time.



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I believe this forum can bring incredibly powerful healing to those we serve! We'd love to hear your stories.

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David, you have identified one of the most powerful and therapeutic means of support for those living with terminal illness.  We all want to believe and be affirmed by those who love us that the events of our lives have significance and will continue to have impact long after we are gone.  "Life review" is one way to provide this affirmation.

-Chaplain Duane