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Strong because we have to be.

I am always inspired when I hear families we serve talk about how they find strength because they have to be strong. When you are a parent with young children you have to be strong for them. When you are a spouse caring for a loved one who is battling disease, you have to be strong for them. Life brings many hardships our way and there are many times we have to be strong. I admire that strength when I see it expressed through love by the families we serve. Can you relate? We'd love to hear your stories too.

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Thanks for sharing Chris. We see daily the love, compassion and endless strength shown by families and their caregivers. This tool is a opportunity for families to share their stories of caring for their loved ones.

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It truly is inspirational to see the strength and caring that families give to their loved one at the end of their life.  So many times caregivers have said to me that yes, it is difficult and hard work but that they are feeling very blessed and privileged to give the care and spend this time with the person and they thank God for giving them the strength to do this.

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As a caregiver for my daughter, yes, I can relate.  As a family, we were blessed with our faith, our love for one another, an extensive support network of church family, work family, friends, and a loving, compassionate Hospice staff.   At times I think I was on automatic pilot; you are deprived of sleep, you forget when you last ate, coffee becomes your primary source of energy, but all you keep telling yourself is, "stay with me Lord, and keep me strong today".  At least that was my mantra.  On my downtime, when I should have been napping or sleeping, I would be up writing, keeping a prayer journal.  I relied heavily on God for strength.  Each day I'm sure my strength came from Him, but there were days my strength also came from my amazing daughter,.  There were so many days when she was in excruciating pain, or days when she was too weak to even be up, but there she was,wearing a smile and up doing whatever she could do for her children.  She trusted and believed in God, and watching her endure every aspect of this insidious disease that had befallen her, made each of us want to be strong for her so she could preserve her energy and strength for all the things that mattered to her, first and foremost, her children.  

I do not know if it is typical , but logic would dictate that primary caregivers do crash and burn after the loss of their loved one.  And why wouldn't they?  They are mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted, and drained.  From personal experience I would think it is a common thing when you put everyone and everything on hold to care exclusively for your loved one.  How do you regain that strength and momentum?  The same way you did before, through faith and belief in God.  You realize God has never left your side for a moment.   His love for you, His redeeming grace blankets you and comforts you.  He knows you need rest, and He remains near.  Your extensive support network is still there for you.  Together God, family, friends all pick you up, dust you off, and help you move forward and stay strong.  We never know His plan.  We never know what life will bring us.  We are promised only today.  We need to live in the moment making the most of our days and be strong, staying strong for one another.