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Added on Mon 11th Aug 2014 8:06pm   Last edited on Wed 27th Aug 2014 3:44pm

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In your own skin

I had the opportunity to asist at a patients funeral service. I share with the family how this patinet seemed to be very comfortable in her own Skin. Saying that she was very transparent in whi she was. In talking to her you knew with serveral minutes of your con versation what type of person she was.


Added on Wed 27th Aug 2014 3:44pm   Last edited on Wed 27th Aug 2014 3:44pm

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Being comfortable in your skin and with who you are both outward and inwardly is a wonderful status to achieve yet that still doesnt make coping with illness an easy thing to do. An illness can stip a person of all confidence and inner selfworth rendering them emotionally not a former shadow of themselves. Difficult topic but one worth sharing and discussing as many need help in not only physical ailments but emotional also.